Home Users

  • Virus Removal / Malware Removal / Spyware Removal.

  • Computer Repairs / Laptop Repairs - Hardware & Software.

  • Computer Upgrades / Laptop Upgrades - Hardware & Software.

  • Computer/Laptop Tune-Up - Improve the performance of your machine.

  • Anti-Virus Installation - Protect your machine against Internet threats.

  • Data Recovery, Transfer or Backup Solution.

  • Broadband Setup - Router and Home Wireless Network Configuration.

  • One 2 One Tuition available on request...

Businesses & Schools

all of the above services plus...

  • Server/Client Domain Installation - Share and Secure your Company Data.

  • Network Printer Installation - Print to one Printer from any PC.

  • Company Data Protection - Backup and Security Solutions.

  • Remote Access - Let out of Office staff connect to your Company Network.

  • Wired and Wireless Network Hardware Installation - Routers, Cabling, Data Points, Switches, Wireless Access Points etc...

  • Business & School Maintenance Contracts available on request...

If you have any needs that are not listed, please contact us with
the details...

Computer Repairs, Laptop Repairs, Virus Removal and more...

... in Roscommon, Westmeath & Galway.


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